We strive to perfect the ordinary.

Wait—the ordinary? By that, we mean the everyday process deserves our special attention. With you in our mind at all times, we want to continually refine the way we do things. Tweaking already good things and challenging ourselves to do it better than yesterday. We know perfection is a concept but with each step we take, there’s a chance we get a little bit closer, and pleasing you is our gauge for success.

About us

Gradison Design-Build is deeply rooted in the construction field, going back four generations of family-owned construction businesses. We have experience in architecture, earthmoving, utility contracting, and concrete. The way we think, move and build is a little different – in a good way. We’re pretty sure it’s been the reason our family construction business that started over 35 years ago has grown and evolved into what people have voted one of the best custom building and remodeling companies in the Indianapolis area.

At the core of our business today are brothers Mark and Joe Gradison—you’ll meet them both. Mark’s the guy who oversees construction strategy & field processes, ensuring quality standards are adhered to. Joe focuses on developing client relationships while leading team design & build strategy, approach, and processes.