The remodeling work we have done for clients is as varied as you can imagine. Our planning system ensures that we consider every possible element and then execute a schedule that delivers exceptional results.

Client Introduction
This meeting can be very informal, but the notes we take are revisited a few times during the process. In the introduction, you have the opportunity to put your dreams out on the table. At this point, we’re not worried about budget and just want you to express how you want your home to change. This is a good time to get all your hopes and fears out, and let us reassure you that remodeling your home will be a positive, well-organized event that you can share in to the extent you desire.

Early Planning Stage

After we gather your initial information, you will either have us draft some initial designs and concepts or give us some concepts you have gathered. We will also start working on your total budget. We’ll discuss how your home will function and how we will make your life comfortable during the remodeling process.

Design Development
and Documentation
Using all the information we have gathered to this point, and considering all the input you have made, we will proceed to a final design. These drawings will officially guide our remodeling and will be specific as to dimensions and materials. We will also have a complete budget that will have your allowances for finishes, appliances and fixtures. Once we have developed the design, our designer will work with you to make your selections and create a full palette for each room, including colors, trim, accents, floor coverings and fixtures.

Building the Team

 We will put together a rough construction schedule and the team of professional tradesmen and women responsible for all the different areas, from getting the ground ready to the crafting the finest interior detail. Each of these individuals will be managed by us and will be familiar to you throughout the project.


With our construction documents intact, we’ll take charge of remodeling your home, utilizing the best construction practices. During this phase, you may have some changes you would like us to make. We’ll discuss these and offer clear explanations as to whether or not these changes affect pricing or delivery date.

Project Completion and Follow Up

We pride ourselves in finishing our projects (along with information about every aspect of the job) on the day we commit to early in the process. Our clients have been universally thrilled on the big day when we turn over their finished product.

Our follow-up is specifically written into the warranty section of your contract to let you know you have a builder that will be in business, and on call to handle any issue that might come up.

For twenty-five years, we have stood behind our work.